The original idea of the company was to be a web design and Internet marketing company; focusing mostly on helping companies with their online presence. As the company has grown and matured it has now found its niche in specialized software products focusing on productivity and efficiency. Home Campus was formed in 2010 when the need for an Athletic Association Software presented itself in the CIF Southern Section.

Home Campus has worked with accredited companies and organizations. Click here to view a list of some of our clients.

Home Campus is located in Costa Mesa, California.


Wes Carty


Lindsay Warkentin


Kayla Dempsey

Association and East Coast Regional Account Manager

Kenny Yamamoto

Customer Account Manager

Rolland Esslinger

Customer Account Manager

George Calderón

Software Developer

Dalton Davenport

Customer Account Manager


Justin Ferdinand - Half Moon Bay Athletic Director

"Home Campus has completely revolutionized my entire job. It has allowed me to organize all of the moving parts of our athletic department and puts everything in one place. My coaches are able to track their athletes, see who is cleared, and create rosters. I am able to create spreadsheets, send agendas to the teachers with early releases and team rosters, and I can organize facility time. I can't imagine what I would do with out this fantastic online tool."

Eric Pearcy - Nuview Bridge Athletic Director

"I've been using Home Campus for awhile now, and it has really been beneficial to me as an AD. I use to use Schedule Star, but I have found that this program is better for our school. The support team has answered my questions and guided me in the use of it many times. I work at a small school and at first felt like my opinions or concerns wouldn't matter as much as an AD from a big school, but was definitely not the case. Overall, Home Campus is great and I would suggest it to all AD's out there to help them with the struggles of scheduling programs and facilities!"

Kevin Kanemura - JFK AD / Valley Mission League Comm.

"CIF-Home is the one stop shop that our Section needed. Wes and his crew do a great job of making sure they meet our needs. The tutorials are of great assistance. Scheduling made easy."

David Collicutt - The Geffen Academy at UCLA Athletic Director

"As an early-adopter of this technology I have been pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of the developer to any issues or recommendations. The HomeCampus system has become an integral part of the daily operations from my office or from a remote location.

As a HomeRun subscriber, I am able to interact with all facets of my school community, administration, and the CIF-SS Office. Our league association has now adopted this system for all our schools, and we now utilize a league website for our fans.

Having tried several other (similar) programs, I have no hesitation in recommending HomeCampus as the best solution for an athletic administrator."

Gail Sweeney - Rosary Academy Athletic Admin. Assist.

"I have been so impressed with the service and concern shown by Wes Carty during the first year of online registration. There were bugs to work out and modifications to make in my use of the program, and Wes was always there to answer questions or listen to suggestions. The ease of printing the emergency cards, and their legible, useful layout is a joy!! Thanks for making my job easier!"

Chanel Burrell - Jurupa Hills Athletic Trainer

"Home Campus has brought several aspects of that athletic world together, and I could not be happier as a result! This site allows us to manage our athlete's physicals, documented permissions from parents, and injuries throughout the year. I am able to print a LEGIBLE 'treatment of consent' to give to every coach! I am able I am able to run reports for all injuries for the year and make a comparison of commonalities related to the documented injuries! We are also able to manage the transportation for all sports so we can make appropriate requests from the district office. This site is a valuable tool for any athletic department. It allows both myself and the athletic director to work closely together and remain on the same page without incident. It is very accessible on your smart phone as well if you need to access something on the go...I am extremely grateful for this site ant you will be too!!!"

Pattie Ness - Peninsula Financial Secretary

"Love this...all games are posted and can check whenever I want in one place!"

Phil Garcia - Chino Hills High School Athletic Director

"I live on home campus daily my coaches are now using the score poster, I get great feedback from our school switchboard secretary

I'm ready to add the athletic clearance.

Thank you!"

Dennis Brown - ML King Athletic Director

"Home Campus is easy to work with and if you don't understand something, the support is very helpful."

Manny Diaz - Clairemont Athletic Director

"As a 1st year Athletic Director this has been a tremendous asset with getting all athletes cleared and tracking them as well. It helps me be more efficient and organized with all paperwork."

Kathy Giese - Tri-City Chrisitan Athletics Assistant

"I love how user-friendly this software is. The features are great, especially the new athletic clearance - what a time-saver doing this online has been (for me AND for parents). They are always making improvements, too, to make things easier and better. I also like how attentive they are to questions or problems. They are quick to respond and they listen to suggestions."

Ryan Dequin - Christopher Athletic Director

"Home Campus has many great features that has made scheduling, rosters, team reporting, and especially the clearance process much easier. There are still many different features that I have yet to tap in to, but the ones that I have used are great."

Erica Sanchez - Cathedral Catholic Athletic Assistant

"I think Home Campus is a great tool for communication. Whenever you have information available for all parties to see it is a great thing. It's easy too use as well which always helps. MY only complaint would be that the colors used to differentiate between practices and away game is VERY similar and could easy be mistaken for the same color to the naked eye. If that could change I wouldn't have a single complaint about Home Campus."

Lucy Vega - Alisal High School Admin. Assistant

"Great website. User friendly and the program gives you an update on expired paper work. I hope that we can plug it into our eschools program to merge eligibility list into our attendance program."