Stanton (Jacksonville) Schedules for the Year 2019-20

Sport: Lacrosse, Boys, Level: Varsity, Event Type: GameLevel:

Date Time Level Opponent/Title Game Type Facility
02-21-2020 06:00PM Varsity Bartram Trail (St. Johns) Non-District Stanton 
02-24-2020 06:00PM Varsity @ Bolles (Jacksonville) District  
02-25-2020 07:30PM Varsity Bolles (Jacksonville) - Rescheduled to Monday 2/2 Non-District  
02-26-2020 07:00PM Varsity @ Fletcher (Neptune Beach) Non-District Fletcher 
02-28-2020 06:00PM Varsity Providence (Jacksonville) Non-District Stanton 
03-05-2020 07:00PM Varsity @ Paxon (Jacksonville) - Moved to 4/8 Non-District Paxon 
03-17-2020 07:00PM Varsity Sandalwood (Jacksonville) Non-District Stanton 
03-19-2020 05:30PM Varsity @ Atlantic Coast (Jacksonville) Non-District Atlantic Coast 
03-19-2020 05:00PM - 07:00PM Varsity @ Atlantic Coast (Jacksonville) Non-District Atlantic Coast 
03-24-2020 06:00PM Varsity @ Episcopal (Jacksonville) Non-District Episcopal 
03-26-2020 06:00PM Varsity St. Joseph (St. Augustine) Non-District Stanton 
03-30-2020 07:00PM Varsity Mandarin (Jacksonville) Non-District Stanton 
04-02-2020 07:00PM Varsity @ Robert E. Lee (Jacksonville) Non-District Robert E. Lee 
04-04-2020 02:00PM Varsity @ Father Lopez (Daytona Beach) Non-District Father Lopez 
04-07-2020 07:00PM Varsity @ Flagler Palm Coast Non-District Flagler Palm Coast 
04-09-2020 07:00PM Varsity @ Menendez (St. Augustine) Non-District Menendez 
04-14-2020 TBA Varsity @ TBA - Districts Post Season  
04-16-2020 07:00PM Varsity @ TBA - Districts Post Season